Sitemap - 2021 - The Daily Draft

Ep. 189: Q & A on Peaceful Parenting, Fatherhood, and Raising Children with Anthony Migliorino

Ep. 188: Actions You Can Take to Break From Your Porn Use with Tim Reigle

Ep. 187: 4th Of July 2021 - Fanning the Flames of Revolutionary Spirits

Ep. 186: Using Technology to Improve Your Life with George Bruno

Ep. 185: How to Live an Authentic Life with Everett Overton aka Coach EO

Ep. 184: Peaceful Parenting Q & A with Peaceful Fathers Founder Anthony Migliorino

Ep. 183: Lessons Learned from Living Life & Working in the P*rn Industry with Stirling Cooper

Ep. 182: 10 Lessons Learned from 10 Chapters of 'Empire Divided' with the author Jeff Putnam

Ep. 181: Sobriety Check-In Day #325

Ep. 180: A Priest's Pilgrimage with Sam Thorp

Ep. 179: Going Toe to Toe Against Porn with Tim Reigle

Ep. 178: Planning For Success With Delaware's 2021 Strong Man Winner Jeremy Clevenger

Ep. 177: Lose Weight, Drop Stress, & Help Your Family Get Healthy with Phil Foster Fitness

Ep. 176: Friday Thoughts On A Father's Presence

Ep. 175: Helping Distracted Dads Focus with guest Anthony Migliorino

Ep. 174: An Update on Sobriety, Vegas, ForeBear Clothing Co, & More

Ep. 173: A Return to Youth Sports Following COVID Lockdowns with Josh Clare, DPT Part I of II

Ep. 172: Overcoming Odds and Leading the Faith with Michael Foster

Ep. 171: Improving Your Health, Mindset, and Habits with Tyler Todt

Ep. 170: The Origin Story of 31 Days To Masculinity and #MenofMarch

Ep. 169: Family Finances and Debt Reduction Mark Allen Bovair

Ep. 168: How to Live a Life You Love While Leading a Family with Tanner Guzy

Ep. 167: Developing a Bulletproof Mind, Hard Body, and Turning Failure into Fuel with Jack Bly

Ep. 166: Artificial Intelligence, Book Summaries, and Electronic Universes with Deeper Thrill

Ep. 165: Family Men In The Political Arena with Mike Cernovich

Ep. 164: 5 Takeaways From A Week Long Family Vacation with My In-Laws

Ep. 163: Believe In Yourself to Accomplish Your Goals with Guest Zuby

Ep. 162: The Cost Of Mental, Physical, And Spiritual Freedom with Guest AJA Cortes

Ep. 161: Does Peaceful Parenting Have a Place in Modern Society? with Anthony Migliorino

Ep. 160: The Cost Of A Successful Personal Brand with Guest Ed Latimore

Ep. 159: Birthday Reflections (Plus a Q & A)

Ep. 158: Insights from a Strong Man for Everyone with guest Jeremy Clevenger

Ep. 157: Circle of Grace - A Place Where Women Help Women Win with Founder Devin Clevenger

Ep. 156: Create Memories To Save Yourself A Deathbed Of Regret

Ep. 155: 31 Podcasts & Blog Posts In 31 Days with My Wife's Perspective on Playing a Supportive Role

Ep. 154: Step Away From The Noise And Relax

Ep. 153: Maintaining Order In The Face of Chaos with Jack Donovan

Ep. 152: Three Obstacles All Modern Fathers Are Facing

Ep. 151: Crushing Life Milestones: BJJ Edition with Nick Lowary

Ep. 150: The 150th Episode

Ep. 149: You Need To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Ep. 148: Why You Need To Become The Man In The Arena

Ep. 147: 10 Ways To Keep Your Wife On Her Toes

Ep. 146: Arm Chair Thoughts On Freedom Of Speech

Ep. 145: Lessons On Leadership From Submarine Officer and CEO Jon Rennie

Ep. 144: Getting Rid Of The Dad-Bod

Ep. 143: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Ep. 142: Being A Good Youth Sports Coach

Ep. 141: Become A Better Father By Becoming A Better Man

Ep. 140: Side Hustles, Family, And a PC Free Forecast for 2021 with Guest Jeff Putnam

Ep. 139: Creating Your Identity & Building Your Self-Esteem In The World with guest Jared Mclain

Ep. 138: Why It's Okay to Never Be Satisfied

Ep. 137: How To Improve Your Self Esteem

Ep. 136: How To Forgive Your Former Addicted Self

Ep. 135: First Time Hunting Insights Part II

Ep. 134: Sometimes Husbands And Fathers Should Be Selfish

Ep. 133: Q And A: Trump, Parenting, Booze, And Being An Author

Ep. 132: Finding Opportunity for Growth in Chaos

Ep. 131: Can Poor Parenting Cause Addiction? with Guest Anthony Migliorino

Ep. 130: Learning How To Save Yourself As A Man with Guest Steve "The Dean" Williams

Ep. 129: 3 Ways To Reduce Stress From Your Marriage

Ep. 128: 25 Actions All American Citizens Need To Take In Preparation For What’s To Come.

Ep. 127: America vs COVID-19

Ep. 126: Jackie (My Wife) Joins Me for a Q & A, 2020 Review, and Share Our 2021 Expectations

Ep. 125: Fix Your Hormones, Training, and Nutrition in 2021 with Guest Phil Foster