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The Scrooge of Sobriety

The Offline Paradox

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Is Your Wife Just "Playing a Role"?

Embracing Change: The Key to Thriving as You Grow Older

The Crucial Link Between Social Media, Your Mental Health, and Life Experience

COVID Apologies II: Climate Change Edition

Sobriety Came with Responsibilities

Deion Sanders' Irrational Confidence is Bringing a Wave of Change to Colorado Boulder Football Program.

Donald Trump & the Tate Brothers: A Lesson in Resilience

You Won't Get Permission to Break Free

Teach Your Children What You Didn't Know

It's a Writer's Life for Me

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The Little League World Series: A Showcase of Passion, Values, and Dreams

Fatherhood & Stoicism: Using Stoic Teachings to Treat ADHD

5 Actions to Take That Will Immediately Improve Your Marriage

The Power of Young Fathers

Parents Must Choose Authenticity Over Political Correctness

3 Steps to Revitalize Your Marriage

Analyzing Alex Jones' Claims on Impending COVID Lockdowns

The Dichotomy of Sharing Your Children on Social Media

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How Men Can Embrace Their Authentic Masculinity for Lasting Personal Growth

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The Chilling Trend: How My Teenage Son Got Me Into Ice Baths

The Good & Bad of High School Sweethearts

Putting the "Daily" back in the Daily Draft: Confidence + Excuses

Fatherhood & Stoicism: Become an Example of a Healthy Marriage for Your Children

Fatherhood & Stoicism: The Overlap Between an Ancient Philosophy & Present Parenthood

Fatherhood & Stoicism: A Guide to Nurturing Independent Children

Create a Lasting Marriage of Love by Mastering Emotional and Physical Connection

Sober Milestone: YEAR III

A Different Type of Independence

Fatherhood & Stoicism: Is This Philosophy for Sociopaths?

Dear Parents: A Letter on the Inefficiency of Children

The Weekend Blueprint

Sobriety and Mental Clarity: Breaking Free from Alcohol-Induced Mental Fatigue

4 Practical Stoic Parenting Exercises

Make Your Marriage Less Miserable

The Journey Towards Truth and Integrity

Stoicism and Fatherhood: Embracing Virtue in Parenting

Cheer is a Sport

Stoic Sunday: A New Series

Mastering Irrational Self-Confidence

A Message About Strong Family Men

Building a Strong Family

Effective Baseball Coaching

How to Flip the Switch and Embrace Your Full Potential

The Benefits of Removing Corporal Punishment from the Home

Inflation Is the Most Evil of Taxes

Mission of Excellence: The Missing Piece of Your Puzzle

The Vital Role of Strong & Free Fathers

Social Media Achievements Are Not a Reflection of Real-Life Success

Embracing Defeat

Make Parents Great (Role Models) Again

Alcohol Addiction: Over 1,000 Days of Positive Sobriety

From War to Struggle

Mastering the Art of Destroying Your Inner Demons

The Dangers of Overmedicating Children

Getting Past Divorce

#PfizerLiedPeopleDied - So What?

The Life and Death of Hunter Drew

How Youth Sports Positively Impact the Mental and Physical Health of Children

The First Draft of '31 Days of Sobriety' is Done

Become Immune to Mainstream Poison

Losing a Parent to Suicide: 30 Years Later

Don't Have a Full Wallet and A Home Full of Strangers

31 Days to Become a Better Man

Living with Integrity

Creating Something from Nothing: Fatherhood Edition

Ep. 214: Fraternity Friday 06 - Evolve Your Mindset with Eric Bort

Marriage, Sobriety, and Fatherhood: How to Optimize Your 2023 Strategy

Ep. 213: Fraternity Friday 05 - How to Remain Driven For Life with Greg Grilliot

Target Met: New Objectives Set

Tyre Nichols was Murdered by the "Protect and Serve" Gestapo

Get Over the Fear of Growing Old

A House of Champions

6 Ways to Break Free from Addiction

Stop Parenting Like It's 1955

Ep. 212: Fraternity Friday 04 - How an FoE Man Found His Way in Life with Rick Mahoney

Man's Best Friends

The Benefits of Reading Physical Books: Why You Should Choose Paper Over Screens

4 Pros & 4 Cons of ADHD

10 Ways We Can Improve the Family Law System

5 Highlights of George Washington's Legacy

Sunday Q&A

Different Doesn't Mean Wrong

Substack: The Only Path Forward

Ep. 211: Fraternity Friday 03 - From Runner to Photographer to BJJ Phillip Capaldi Shares How a Man Controls His Fate

Don't Overlook Your Hypocrisy

Dad Different

The Art of Listening: Marriage Edition

7 Reasons Men Must Read Philosophy

Online Guru to W-2

Friday Shots

How to Create a Happy Marriage

I Want to Hear From YOU

Ep. 210: Fraternity Friday 02 - Leadership Focused CEO, Best Selling Author, and Family Man Jon Rennie

Why America Is #1

11 Ways to Break the Cycle of Generational Trauma

Ep. 209: Stop Arguing About Sh*t You Don't Know

Unlocking Photography: Taking the First Shot

The Importance of Daily Meditation

Ep. 208: Fraternity Friday 01 - Tex shares being a member since Day ZERO

The Myth of Miserable Sobriety: Dropping alcohol shouldn't bring you down.

Addressing the Social Media Addiction Epidemic

How to Help Others Without Hurting yourself

7 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

The Importance of Irrational Self-Confidence

Ep. 207: 9 Reasons Your Wife Won't Have Sex with You (Feat. Jeff Higgins)

Overcoming Past Traumas

Ep. 206: Losing Your Art & The 2022 Wrap Up